Liquid Dri

Product Number: 804

LIQUID DRI is used specifically for absorbing most liquid spills. This is used in the same way as a competitor’s clay based product. Liquid Dri is only half the weight per volume as our competitor’s clay-based product. Also, a handful of Liquid Dri will absorb more than twice as much liquid as a handful of our competitor’s clay-based product. Liquid Dri can be burned to dispose of it — if local and state regulations permit it — instead of it having to be sent to a landfill. Due to the lighter weight and greater capacity for absorption, our Liquid Dri product would be a better item to merchandise for spill pickups. Pallet quantity orders only.

804 7 gal ctn 20 lb 22 lb 36
  58 gal drm 120 lb 135 lb 4
  Bag 30 lb 30.5 lb 25