Power Clean Sweep

Product Number: 104

POWER CLEAN SWEEP is an environmentally safe light weight, high quality product suitable for use on all floor surfaces. Contains no petroleum ingredients, glycerin or grit (sand). Made from carefully sized softwood, sawdust and moisture retaining ingredient. Color green only, with pine odor. Pallet quantity orders only. (Special packaging is available upon request.)

104 15 gal ctn 75 lb 78 lb 24
58 gal drm 175 lb 193 lb 4

Superior Sweeps, Inc. is proud to introduce our new environmentally safe floor sweeping compound – POWER CLEAN SWEEP. Our new product is considered to be “green” by today’s industry standards. This water based dust suppressant can be used on all floor surfaces, finished and unfinished, and meets any state laws prohibiting the use of any oils in floor sweep products. Our product is an environmentally safe lightweight, high quality product that is made without silica (sand). We do not incorporate any petroleum ingredients or glycerin. We use a super absorbent along with finely ground kiln dried pine wood shavings in our formula to retain the moisture required to attract dust particles for the desired results of a clean floor.

POWER CLEAN SWEEP is safe for use in the food industry and hospitals. Eventually, it will be preferred by the construction industry for pre-flooring cleaning. Oil based floor sweep prohibits the adhesive from attaching during new flooring applications. Presently, a wax based floor sweeping compound must be used to insure a clean pre-flooring surface. A high-quality wax base floor sweep can cost twice as much as POWER CLEAN SWEEP. POWER CLEAN SWEEP is the perfect substitution for the more expensive wax based sweep to ensure a clean surface.

POWER CLEAN SWEEP is a USDA CERTIFIED BIOBASED PRODUCT. Biobased products, designated by the Secretary of Agriculture, are commercial or industrial products that are composed in whole, or in significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials or forestry materials.

With new environmental regulations being administered every year requiring for the use of “greener” cleaning products, we have your answer and can now give you a floor sweep product that is truly “green”.