Liquid Dri

A top spill-absorbent sweeping compound for cleaning up most types of liquids. Its wood base absorbs better than the clay-based products commonly sold.

Superior Sweeps Liquid Dri absorbent sweeping compoundLiquid Dri is made from kiln-dried pinewood shavings ground down to grass-seed size for maximum coverage and absorbency.

Liquid Dri is only half the weight per volume of clay-based products, making this spill-absorbent sweep easier to handle and less expensive to ship.

It absorbs up to four times its weight in oil- and water-based liquids – which is twice as much as most clay-based products.

Liquid Dri can be burned for disposal (if permitted by local and state regulations) instead of having to send it to a landfill. Click for MSDS.

(804 – No color options)


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